Volunteer in Java

Cianjur Town

Cianjur is a thriving town with a population of around 200,000 people, situated at the foot of Gede–Pangrango volcanoes in West Java. Cianjur is easily accessible to tourist destinations in Java and other surrounding islands. Although a key transit point between the major cities of Bandung and Jakarta, Cianjur still remains largely unvisited by tourists. It’s a land of enchanting natural beauty, blessed with cool mountain air. Cianjur holds several places of interest for visitors, including Volunteer Teaching, Cibodas Botanical Garden, Puncak Pass Area, Tea Plantation, Nusantara Flowers Garden, The Floating Village, Visiting the Villages, Mount Gede–Pangrango, Archeological Site and Indonesian Martial Art/Pencak Silat.

Cianjur is famed as a major rice-growing region, particularly for its popular “Pandanwangi” rice which only grows in Cianjur. Other regional specialties include Maranggi (barbequed beef), Lontong (sticky rice with tofu, crackers, fried onion and coconut milk soup), Batagor (flour and tofu fried with peanut butter sauce and lime), Lotek (steamed vegetable with peanut butter sauce, onion, crackers, chili), Karedok (raw vegetable with peanut butter sauce, onion, crackers, chili), Geco (bean sprout, fresh local noodle, rice covered with coconut leaves, crackers, onion and soy bean sauce), Rice Porridge (chicken, crackers, onion, spring onion, peanut, and chili sauce), Pickled Fruits and Tauco (soy bean sauce).

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