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Cibodas Botanical Garden

The Cibodas Botanical Garden is located 20 KM Northeast of Cianjur and is situated 1300-1425 m high on the slopes of Mount Gede-Pangrango, Cibodas Botanic Garden contains beautiful mountain scenery with impressive views across the Cipanas valley of West Java.

The Garden covers about 125 hectares of undulating topography, with large grassy expanses, rocky coniferous areas, and valleys filled with tree ferns and waterfalls. Cibodas Botanic Garden is a popular recreational centre for the Greater Jakarta area as well as a research station for students and scientists studying tropical mountain flora. The Cibodas Botanic Garden was founded in 1862 by the botanist and curator "Johannes Elias Teysjmann" as an extension of the Bogor Botanic Garden.

The Garden currently maintains a collection of 5831 living specimens from 1206 species. Among the most prominent collections of the Cibodas Botanic Garden are the floral gardens, cacti and succulents, bamboo, orchids, palms, conifers, Euphorbia and Myrtaceae collections.


Cibodas Waterfalls

There are a variety of waterfalls in Cibodas Botanic Garden, some man-made, and some naturally occurring in the landscape. Visitors can trek through the forest to a lovely natural waterfall or drive their cars/bikes over a specially constructed shallow waterfall.

Travellers can go to the natural waterfalls called Ciismun Waterfalls. Travellers have to go up and down the stairs for about 30 minutes hike. The trail is not really difficult, but still needs leg works.

Travellers can enjoy a mountain fresh water and also taking a shower.

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