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Cycling Tour

Cycling in Indonesia is generally a means of transport, now booming in popularity as petrol price skyrocket. Bicycles are gaining popularity in Cianjur, especially on Sunday morning. There are many local people do a jogging, cycling and enjoying a live music in a car free day event.

The car free day event is a local carnival where the local government closes the main road, just for non-vehicle activities. This is part of the local government’s policy to reduce pollution. Kumis will take volunteers on a cycling tour of Cianjur and the nearby countryside, a beautiful mix of city outskirts and rice fields, giving volunteers a glimpse into yet another aspect of daily Indonesian life.

If reasonably fit with a bit a ton of common sense, cyclists will enjoy cycling to the rice paddy, countryside, forest, floating village, palm plantation, coffee plantation, cacao plantation, vegetable plantation, etc. so far, we have four mountain bikes for our volunteers.


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