Volunteer in Java

Things To Do

Floating Village

The floating village is set at a huge artificial lake at Bobojong Village, around 15 km North of Cianjur, which is used to generate power as well as for household water supplies.

The village itself is a series of floating bamboo huts and is the biggest fish farming community in Indonesia. There are thousands of fish farms in the floating village and at least there is one fish care taker who takes care the fish. There is no electricity, entertainment and friends.

Travellers can take a boat out to visit the villages, feed the fish and marvel at the wide variety–Gold fish, Catfish, Coyfish, Alligator fish, Nila fish, Gurame fish... the list is endless!

Kumis or his team will take the volunteers to a nice walk through the countryside, rubber and cacao plantations. It is also possible to take a boat ride around the lake.

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