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Cianjur Town

Getting Here and Away

Cianjur has many transportation options and is easily reached from Jakarta’s Kampung Rambutan bus terminal and airport. There are many half-hourly buses that go to Cianjur via Puncak Pass, a 3 hour journey (20.000 rupiahs economy/25.000 rupiahs air-con bus). From Jakarta International Airport, take a DAMRI shuttle bus to Bogor for 50.000 rupiahs, then a minivan to Cianjur (around 2 hours, 20.000-25.000 rupiahs). People can take a train from Bogor to Cianjur (07.55 AM and 01.50 PM). It goes via a nice landscape.

There are a few domestic flights from Denpasar, Medan and Surabaya to Bandung. And international flights from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Bandung. It is easier and closer to Cianjur than Jakarta airport. From Bandung Airport, take a taxi to Bandung Leuwi Panjang bus terminal, or from Bandung Train Station, take a taxi or a “DAMRI” city bus to Leuwi Panjang.

From Bandung Leuwi Panjang bus terminal, there are also many half-hourly buses that head to Cianjur and take less than 2 hours (20.000 rupiahs economy/25.000 rupiahs air-con bus). From Pangandaran, there is a direct bus to Cianjur for 90.000 rupiahs (7 hours), otherwise take hourly BUDIMAN Bus to Bandung (around 5-6 hours, 50.000 rupiahs) and connect via local bus to Cianjur.

From Yogjakarta or Solo, there are several night buses that go direct to Cianjur, leaving from Yogyakarta's Giwangan bus terminal or Solo's Tirtonadi bus terminal in the afternoon (3-5 PM), otherwise take a morning or night train to Bandung from Yogyakarta's Tugu Train Station or Solo's Balapan Train Station and then connect to Cianjur. This is the most favorite and comfortabel transportation for travellers.

From Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, there are frequent buses to Sukabumi for 25.000 rupiahs, then take a bus to Cianjur for 10.000 rupiahs.

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