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Volunteering is about giving. But it is also about the experience of sharing time with like-minded people, sharing the languages and sharing the fun. Today's volunteers are part of a wonderful history of selfless giving in the face of need. That effort has helped people to find new hope against poverty for a better future. Without volunteer English teachers, most children would not have the chance to speak to a native English speaker.
Indonesian English teachers work hard to make their students proficient, but we can add greatly to their effectiveness with regular classes and intensive visits to schools. If the children can master English, their futures are far more promising in this fast-changing country.

English is one of the most useful languages to speak in the world, but it is often difficult for Indonesian students to master the language without having the chance to practice with English speakers. Schools in Indonesia teach English from Primary level (8-11 years) until Secondary level (12-18 years) and volunteer English teachers are always in high demand.

These positions are ideal for people of all ages, from recent college graduates to retirees seeking meaningful opportunities to use their knowledge and experience.

We have opportunities for guests to help out in local schools, running conversation classes with students ranging in age from around 6 to 20. With younger classes the emphasis is on very basic question and answers, allowing the students a chance to practice their English with a native speaker.

With older groups you are free to take initiative or follow a similar question and answer structure - either in one-on-one 'interviews' or by simulating class discussions. There is always an English speaking teacher on hand to help with translations if necessary. To help prepare for your classes, writing a list of age-appropriate questions at various levels would be extremely useful as well as having a few word-based games (hangman, memory games, tic tac toe, etc) to fill up time at the end of the session.

We offer volunteer teaching placements in several local schools. Volunteer teaching in Cianjur, Indonesia will leave you feeling fulfilled in the knowledge that you’re making a tremendous impact on the future lives of underprivileged children. We are also happy to pass on donations to schools or students on behalf of volunteers.

While the majority of teaching takes the form of one time visits to local schools, a new opportunity has arisen with the founding of the Royal English Course by the team of teachers. It is an afterschool English programme offering classes catering to several different levels of English proficiency, which are taught by Andrew and Yuan. Volunteers have the opportunity, in addition to visiting local schools, to assist in the teaching of these classes as often as they would like. If the volunteers stay for longer than one week, they are able to teach the same groups of students multiple times, giving the classes a sense of continuity and allowing the students and volunteer teacher to develop a relationship beyond that of the usual one-time visits.

This can be an exceptionally rewarding experience as the volunteers see their students develop their language abilities and grow in confidence. There may also be an opportunity for volunteers to accompany students from a local school on a fieldtrip. Destinations include Bandung to visit Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih Volcanoes, Yogyakarta to visit Borobudur and Prambanan Temples, Pangandaran beach, etc. These are excellent opportunities to spend time with the students outside the classroom while seeing the attractions Java is famed for.

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