Volunteer in Java

The Volunteer Testimonials

Bailey Womack

February 27th – March 14th 2012
Oh my lil space cadet! Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality!!  Everyone is so kind and welcoming school. I loved going to all the different schools, meeting all the kids and having a great time while teaching English to them. I felt like such a celebrity, always wanting to take pictures, hahaha so funny!

Kumis, I am very proud of you, taking on different ventures and trying to make something for yourself! I hope everything works out for you with your school and other dreams. I loved our conversation and going to see all of the beauty that is Cianjur! You have a good hearth and it’s been so great to meet you and stay with your wonderful family! Thank you again for being my sponsor to help me stay in Indonesia and driving 2 hours to get my passport!

Tell your mother she is amazing!!! and thank you of course!
Plain and simple

Thank you for everything Kumis! I will be back to bug you one day.

Bailey Womack
Austin, Texas

Makyla Walerickton

February 17th – 27th 2012
Well well well Kumis! I feel like I have only just arrived and now have to leave for too soon. It has been an incredible and memorable ten days. The countless students who always amaze with their enthusiasm, curiosity, and genuine welcoming warmth, not to mention their ceaseless smiling and laughter at the answers I give to their questions! Then there were the trips to Cibodas Botanical Garden, The rice fields, The tea plantation (so beautiful!), and the cycling around the city, the hours spent hanging out with the crew at Kumis School and at the music studio. How did we fit it all in?!
I want to say a massive thank you for everything. For making me feel so comfortable straight away, for showing me how to eat all these yummy strange fruits you have, for the food, for comfy bed, for looking after me so well when I got sick, for your patience as you took me around to schools and waited for me to finish, for the wonderful conversation and 9 o’clock Hollywood movies. Please thank your mother for me as well, for washing my old dirty traveler’s clothes, for showing me how to cook and for her healing when I got sick. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful and beautiful mother! Oh, and a huge thank you to Entjin for his beautiful kindness and to Yuan for showing me his home and giving me a coconut juice.

Well, Kumis. I am not lying when I say this was the highlight of my time in Indonesia and is one of the best experiences I have ever had. All thanks to your kindness and endless energy and enthusiasm. I feel very priviledged to have been able to be part of your world here.

So THANK YOU so much for everything. Good luck with your new English Course and becoming a civil servant teacher. Stick with your ideas and you will make it!

Thank you!

Makyla Walerickton

Guelph, Ontaria

Mayme Sullivan

February 3rd – 11th 2012
Thank you so much for everything!. This entire week has been stuffed full of memorable moments! My trip to Indonesia would have not been complete without this past week. The students were so much fun to teach and hang out with! They were all so nice and bubbley. It made me look forward to teaching everyday! I want to especially thank you for going out of your way each day – cooking/preparing meals, taking us to places that we’ve never been and providing a home – away from home atmosphere for us to stay in! I’m excited to see how your program develops within the few years! I’m sure that with your dedication and positive motivation it will expand past your expectations!

Good luck with all! Thanks for everything.

Mayme Sullivan
Lincoln, Nebraska

Jennifer Gotrik

February 3rd – 11th 2012
I will never forget this week that I spent staying with Kumis’ family and volunteering around Cianjur. Visiting schools and being treated with such hospitality was an incredibly unique experience. Your family, friends, and team members are also so kind and made me feel at home the entire time. Days trip to the Cibodas Botanical Garden, the Floating Village, and the hiking through tea plantations after the rain are wonderful memories. Playing Indonesian poker and sharing a delicious meal on a banana leaf were two of my favorite things about staying here, along with the lovely neighbor children, and night time conversation on the porch. I would recommend this program to anyone as it allows you to experience life in Indonesia in such authentic way, you won’t regret it! If I ever return to Java, I will definitely be making another stop in Cianjur.
Best of luck with your program!

Jennifer Gotrik
Lincoln, Nebraska

Miranda Trost

January 9th–27th 2012
I have been reflecting on my last three weeks in Cianjur & I must say, its with a great sadness that I must move on.
In all my travels, I have never experienced a country & It’s people in such a unique& intimate way, & it is you KUMIS (Kang Guru Kumis)! that I have to thank.
Visiting the schools, the rice fields, tea plantation, Pangandaran – the epic trip, cuisine, the street of Cianjur with your biker mates, hanging at the café, meeting all your wonderful friends, & this is just the start!
I look forward to returning to Cianjur & seeing your school grow. Ii feel honored to have been here to see Royal English School in its very first week!
To your family, Ibu, Bapak, thank you for your kindness & hospitality – Keluarga Indonesiaku!
To your team Yuan, Andrew, & Kang Guru Kumis! I wish you every success & happiness for the future.

Hatur Nuhun pisan
Much Love

Miranda Trost
(Miranda Mintarsi “Mimin” Trost)

Jack Mulqueen

November 15th–27th 2011
I had such a great week here in Cianjur staying with Kumis and his family. Visiting the schools and speaking with the students is an experience I will never forget. I really enjoyed the Botanical Garden, Tea Plantation, Hike, and rice field walk of Yuan (Please thank Yuan for me).
Kumis, you were a great host-showing me around Cianjur, finding delicious food and watching exciting Indonesian soccer.
It was a great week and a great way to end my time in Indonesia. I hope to come back soon!
Good luck with the new school.

Jack Mulqueen
Philadelphia, PA

Chan Flossie

17th – 27th of October 2011

Well.. It is a difficult part to leave some words, coz three are so many things to talk about. It will take me a day to write...

But as dodge Kumis requested. I will drop some ink here then. 1 week is more than enough in Cianjur as there are not many happenings here. But Kumis and school visits are highlights. During in Cianjur, I visited some schools and also visited the tea plantation, botanical garden, hot spring, and nice rice field terrace.

Children from school really enjoy learning English.

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

Chan Flossie

Diane Bracken

The 6th – 12th of October 2011

The children of Cianjur have a great opportunity to learn a little English with the help that Kumis provides by hosting native speakers. I enjoyed the experiences so much. I learned as much as the children about local customs, traditional and school system and of course I had fun. I wish Kumis and his team (Yuan, Andri, and Wildan much success in their new endeavor of English school.
Kumis has a great asset in his coming and always cheerful mom!

Now I am off traveling again and will miss having a daily “home” to comeback to ach night.

Diane Bracken

San Fransisco, California

The United States of America
Jenna Moffat

The 17th of September – 5th of October 2011

I come to Indonesia as Jenna Moffat and will leave as Jennab Tingting Komarudin!
Thanks to your program.

I stayed in Cianjur for almost 3 weeks and had a wonderful time visiting all the schools, especially Kumis’ school (be sure to take ear plugs).

I have felt some welcomed by Kumis, his family (Saya cinta Ibuku Indonesia), and all his friends.
Thanks you Kumis – Dodgy Kumis – for making my time here so fun for giving me a unique and very special experience in Indonesia.

I hope to see you and all the family in Australia soon.

To all the teams: Kumis, Andrew, Yuan and Wildan.

Jenna Moffat

Sydney, Australia

Anna & David


The 5th – 19th of September 2011

Dear Kumis,

You are so nice :)

(And you have cool shoes)

Thank you so much for having me and my mother here in the beautiful city Cianjur. I wish you and your family all the best and love in the world.

For the people who visit Kumis, you made a very good choice. Everyone is so nice, kind and open. You will be taken care of, as if you were family. I am sure you will enjoy the school and the food.

Have a lot of fun in beautiful CIANJUR.

David and Anna


Marjolein Blom


August 18th-21th 2011

Dear Kumis,

Thank you so much for inviting me to your house. It was good seeing you again, this time in your city, Cianjur. I think you have done a very good job this year. In only 12 months you have set up your own program and your friendlyness, hospitality, and good care made my stay in Cianjur even better than last time.

Keep up the good work!!

For now goodbye……But I am sure we will meet again.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Darrah "Rue" Flaherty


August 12th-19th 2011

THANK YOU Kumis, Yuan and Andri for all your hospitality and kindness. You all made my visit to Indonesia a memorable one-definetely one of the highlights of my trip! Best of luck to you and your families.

Kumis you are a wonderful host and an inspiration-If more people opened up their homes generously as the world would be headed in the right direction. I had a great time visiting your home town and getting a sore butt on the back of your motorbike! Thank you for making my stay in Indonesia a memorable one-I hope I can renen the favor some day.

Take Care and Happy Travels

San Fransisco, California
The United States of America


Sina Timm


August 5th-12th 2011

I spent one week in Cianjur during Ramadan and had a great time. One can experience life in Indonesia and gain insights in the education system. The people I met were all very open and welcoming and I received lots of invitations. I can recommend this program to everyone interested in meeting and interacting with local adults and youths. When I will visit Indonesia I hope to stay in Cianjur again, if always busy Kumis is free at the time  

Lubeck, Germany


Joost Moreds and Ellis Meyer


August 1st-3rd 2011

At this moment I try to concentrate while children are laughing and having fun at your porch! What an experience! we have had a really nice and interesting day with you and your team. We started at the botanical gardens, with the nice waterfalls. The bike/scooter ride there was cool, because we could see everything very well. After the gardens, we went to the tea plantations. We even saw women working at the plantations. Took some beautiful pictures, saw a terrific view and after that we even went to see some rice fields. Stunning views! People were working there, very nice and interesting to see how the process works. Now, we know how much time and work it takes to harvest the rice.

Respect for the farmers for the hard work. Now, we also know how important it is to buy fare trade products. So the farmers will get a fare price for their rice (and work). Even though we only stayed three nights with Kumis and his family we really felt welcome. His mother is a great cook, mjummie!!!

Thanks for all the interesting inside information about Indonesia and your traveling tips/ideas!!!
And, if you are ever come to Europe, do not forget to visit Holland and Amsterdam! Joost can make the greatest apple-pies in town!!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Jolien Van Veen


July 28th-31th 2011


Thank you so much for your hospitality and letting me into your class. I enjoyed it a lot. For the students keep on practising and make mistake like everybody else, just learn from them. I hope you will excelleraite your project. Hope to see you again one day.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Jameelah Muhammad


July 16th-24th 2011

My family and I spent 8 days living with Kumis and his family. We are grateful that they opened their home to us. During the 8 days we lived in Cianjur, we had the opportunity to visit about 5 or 6 schools. There, we met some of the happiest students on the planet.

We were greeted with many smiles and many students who were eager to practice their English. The vocational school we visited had the students who seemed most motivated. Their English were very impressive.

My visiting the school and promoting the learning of the English language made feel like an Ambassador. My children shared their experinces being a teen or Muslim in America as well as played sports with the other students. My daugther Aliyah gave a lesson on how to make a crane using origami paper.

Overall, this has been an amazing experince for my family and I that we will never forget, from the food, the diversity of the culture to the happiness of the people. Cianjur will always be in our thoughts.

I plan to tell to others about this unique program. As there are benefits not only for the English language learner, but for the visiting English volunteer. I can not think of a better way to spend a summer vacation, cross-cultural understanding and sharing was one of the highlights of my stay in Indonesia. I wish the program much success!!!!!!

Jameelah Muhammad
Chicago, USA


Amy Joce


May 4th-16th 2011

I would like to thank Kumis and the team for looking after me in Cianjur. It was a pleasure to visit all of the schools and meet the children and teachers there who all made me feel very welcome. Kumis is an excellent host and I would certainly recommend the program to others. I felt very safe and well looked after too. I wish them all the luck for the future.

Bristol, The United Kingdom


Liefs, Lisanne Goenee & Elise van Baaren


April 25th-30th 2011

We spend 5 nights at Kumis home stay and it was very nice! His family is so kind. Every morning we get a good breakfast with fruit, toast with cheese, coffee and tea. Also the lunch and dinner were delicious! And sometimes we helped with cooking. It was great!

We spend tree days, only in the morning, at the high schools to give the students English. We had a lot of conversations with them and they had a lot of questions for us. The last day a student took us to her house where her mom had cooked for us. It was nice!
Besides giving English, we went with Kumis and his friends to the Botanical garden, tea plantation, hot spring and the villages.

Everything was great! And if you come here there is no program that you have to do. You can discuss with Kumis what you want and how long you will stay. We planned to stay for 2 nights but after 10 minutes we told them that we would stay for 5 nights! Because everything sounds so perfect!

Lisanne Goenee & Elise van Baaren
Utrech, The Netherlands


Gary Thomas,


March 6th-8th 2011

To Kumis and the teams,
I am simply amazed with the kindness you have shown me. My return is certain and my with to be involved in your teaching programme will surely happen upon my return.

So many things I could say, but I do hope that I can give back what you strive for, learning, exploration and friendship.

Your country is so beautiful. Your city is so friendly. I felt the real Indonesian life. Your family, home and dreams leave me humbled and excited for the future.
See you soon, God willing and many thanks again.

Gary Thomas
Birmingham, England


Niki and Bibi


January 28th-31th 2011

We had a lovely time here in the Cianjur Volunteer Program. Today at the school was so great! The teachers and students really made one day everyone where so friendly. Thank you so much Andang. Thank you so much for the experience and the way you welcomed us in your family house. Kumis did well as a host.

Good luck with the program, we hope it will be a success.

Love Niki and Bibi
From Holland


Justine and Dirk


December 30th 2010-January 3rd 2011

Thank you so much for the wonderful three days in Cianjur and surrounding area. We were very lucky to be picked by Kumis. We would be missed this awesome experience. The floating village, the botanical garden, the tea plantation. It is a shame that we can’t stay longer! We liked the English teaching very much. We hope we can come back to Cianjur one day. We wish you all the best with the program and we hope that many other “Bule” can enjoy your hospitality!

Nuhun Nuhun Nuhun

Thank you so much Kumis, Daffyd, Andrew, and Yuan.

Love Justine and Dirk
Leiden, The Netherlands

Rosalina Correa,

July 20th-August 20th 2010

Volunteering in Java was the best and a unique experience. I visited places many tourists don't get a chance to visit. My favorite part was trying different types of authentic Indonesian food and also the local Javanese food. The teachers in the program are friendly and funny. Volunteering at the school gave me a chance to see what true Indonesian life is really about. You and your teams had been great. I will miss you all so much.

Rosalina Correa
Los Angeles, California

Lynne Kurelek

Merci Mr Moustache,

I have felt so welcome here. I feel like I am leaving my second home. I love Cianjur and the trips we took around the area, but truly my favourite part about being here was experiencing the warmth and friendliness of you and your family. I will always think of you as the happiest gut I ever met! Please come and stay with me in Toronto some day, so I can welcome you the same way. You are welcomed me here.

Take care and keep in touch.

Lynne Kurelek
Toronto, Canada

Leslie Bennet

Thank you so much for the past week! I have really felt more like a friend than a stranger. You have really created a warm environment to feel comfortable in. Not only did I feel safe and secure. I really had a lot of fun. Thank you for the rides on the motorbike. The yummy food (too much), the coffee, ginger tea, meatball soup and a great conversation. Also, Indonesian poker is awesome! I hope you come to the USA something to travel and meet my family.

You are always welcome to stay with us in California.
Kumis – you and your family rule.

Leslie Bennet
Irvine, California

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