Volunteer in Java

The Volunteer Testimonials


Eileen and Zack Romito


May 11st–18th 2013
Kumis, Yoyoy, and Oman,
Thank you so much for inviting us into your home! After 5 months of travelling. This is a great experience for us to really become a part of local culture. First of all, the food was amazing! Also, the students at the schools are so incredibly enthusiastic and polite. It made our jobs so much easier! We hope we helped them in some way. Thank you for all your help with getting us things we needed, like Simcard for the phone and our flight tickets. You are awesome! And most importantly I will never forget the fateful bike ride with torrential rains that turned the bike path into a river.
Keep in touch, and if you are ever in Chicago, you have a place to stay with us.


Angie and Matt Bricket


May 02nd–15th 2013
Dear Kumis, Family and Friends,
Thank you, thank you, Thank you for your kindness and hospitality! This has been truly beautiful and special experience. We will carry memories of Cianjur and its incredible people in our hearts. Visiting schools was absolutely magnificent, every moment here has been wonderful for us! We want to make sure that the students and teachers feel the same.
Again, we are so grateful for the warmth and kindness we have felt from every person we met here. Indonesian people truly are some of the most special people on earth!
We will be back one day, of this I am certainly!
With love

Washington DC. USA


Casey The Young and Angie


April 10th–26th 2013
Kumis, Mama and Team,
These two weeks have been a positive experience for us. When it was not raining, the tours were fantastic! “Medium” level mountain biking is something we will never forget. Jamal and Indri really made this adventure unique. Their help with transport, language, and countless other details made our stay much more comfortable. Thank you both so much.
We enjoyed going to the schools during the day.
We thank Kumis School for the opportunity to teach their students and teachers. These students could really benefit from time with good native teachers.
Thank you Kumis for the time you did spend with us. It was wonderful to learn more about your culture and language. Thank you for your kindness.
Jamal, you have been our Superman and have really made our time here beautiful. I can never thank you enough for all of your help, humor and patience.
Indri, you have also made this a wonderful experience. Thank you!!!!!!!
And of course, Mama Kumis, Thank you!
We wish all the best in your life for all of you.



Eva Botcher


March 01st–15th 2013
Thank you very much to Kumis, Kumis family, the crew of Kumis School, David Beckham, Miss Agustina Thin and the national Mountain bike team of Java and all the nice students for letting me know them,
My highlight was definitely the great Mountain Bike ride through the Cacao and palm plantation, where I fell of the bike twice and the stop in the bamboo-house with the old lady. I also enjoyed doing laundry with your lovely Mom, happy that she taught me how to do it. It was a great experience to see all different kinds of school and students and I am deeply impressed by the interest, politeness, and motivation the kids have. I wish pupils in my country would be like this. Also, I really appreciated to meet the friendly teachers and the nice talks we had about the different school systems.
I loved all the nice food I could try in your country.
Kumis, you are a great character. Keep your enthusiasm up and you will reach everything you wish in your life.
I am honestly deeply impressed by all the people and experiences I have had in Cianjur.
Thanks you, Vielen Herzlichen Dank



Tiffany Philips and Brian Mar


February 18th–March 08th 2013
Dear Kumis, Indri, Jamal, Kumis’s Family and Kumis School Team
Thank you so much for such as amazing experience! You have all shown us so much kindness and hospitality and made our time teaching here thoroughly enjoyable. Teaching was such a rewarding experience for both of us. We met so many wonderful and motivated students and were really honored to be able contribute in any way to their education. Thank you also for showing us around Cianjur and introducing us to your friends and your fellow English teachers. We were able to see so much in our short time here, an Indonesian wedding, rice plantations, Chinese New Year Parade, and so many other sites. Cianjur is a lovely city and without you never would have known that! We visit you all the best moth future teachers and sincerely hope you make your way to America at some point to visit us.

Connecticut, USA


Taylor Gates


February 07th–28th 2013
I had a great 3 weeks here. Thank you very much to Kumis and his teams. It was interesting to see the plantations and factories around town, and of course the rice fields. It was also privilege to have been able to visit James’ village a couple of times. The variety of food was astounding and I enjoyed all of it. The students in the schools were great to talk with and I am lucky to have been able to have such an experience.



Marie Richardson


February 01st–08th 2013
Dear Kumis, Family, Jamal, Kumis School and everybody else who has been so kind to me!
I can only repeat what others have said. I have had an amazing time here in Cianjur, although sort it has been rich and I am so glad I came. Your enthusiasm for life is infections. All the best.

Wellington, New Zealand


Dustin Homicki


January 17th–27th 2013
Kumis, Jamal, Family and Kumis School,
When I decided to come to Indonesia, I wanted to find a place that had a little bit of everything, but most important I wanted to experience the culture. I spent 2,5 months searching for this experience and almost left Indonesia without finding it. But, thanks to you and everyone here in Cianjur, I found what I was searching for.
Thank you so much for everything and I will see you again. Keep in touch.
Dustin Homicki
New Jersey, USA


Nassima Maya


November 24th–December 17th 2012
Dear Kumis, Family, Entjin, Jamal and All Kumis School (Indri, Tessa, Maya, Yudi, Rivan, and Geugeut)
First of all, I would like to thank you Kumis so much for three weeks I stayed here. It was my first experience in helping and I think it was the best thing I have ever experienced. You introduced me to many nice people! You all brought me joy happiness and so many laughs since the first day. The Indonesian kids are so cute and so sweet. They gave me the best smiles even I do not really give them lot of things.
A special thanks to your mom (she is funny). I would have liked to speak Indonesian. I am sure that she had so many things to say to westerners.
A special thanks to Entjin. You are the Bapa of all of us. I have never met someone like you with such open mind. I know why all the kids love yand help you. It is because you do the same with all of us. 
I will never forget you all and all the great moments I had every day.
I will miss you for sure. P. S: If you travel to France my home is always open for all of you.
All my love and kisses

Paris, France


Rachel Walsh


November 24th–December 15th 2012
These 3 weeks sure went by quickly. I feel like I have learned a lot in my time in Cianjur. Certainly, I have learned plenty of Bahasa Indonesia from you, which I will take with me as I head out, but more than that. I will take some seriously good memories. Thanks for taking me to the hot springs. Thanks for teaching me how to ride a motorbike. Thanks for introducing me to so many coop people. Keep up the good work! Keep bringing people to teach as long as you feel its effective. Make sure to tell people about Sop Buah!. Please express to your family that I am extremely grateful and feel so blessed to meet them and to have been able to stay here this time. Your moms is so cool and your sister and her husband. I hope your father feels better soon. One of these days your brother might just come around and wanna talk to your guests too.



Ashley Houston


November 14th–30th 2012
To Kumis, Jamal, Family and Kumis School Crew,
I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to have had this time and experience in Cianjur. Thank you is not a strong enough word. As soon as I got here you made me feel more like a long lost friend than a stranger.
Thank you Kumis for organizing such a wonderful programme to help the kids and letting me be a part of it. Do not ever sell out – you are making a difference and it’s such a special thing, also thanks for introducing me to some awesome food. Tell your family thanks for the hospitality and kindness they have shown me, also thank your mum for washing my clothes, I am so grateful.
Thanks to Jamal for being my vocal coach and making some wonderful memories with Adele – someone like you and our music video will be huge when we can figure out how to upload it.
Special thanks to all Kumis School crew for being so welcoming and giving me many laughs.
I hope one day I can come back. In fact I know I will come back and I look forward to seeing everyone again.
If anyone comes to Ireland, please be sure to let me know. So me and my family can hopefully show you the same kindness you have shown me.
Miss everyone already.
All my love and kisses

Belfast, United Kingdom    


Olya Petrova


 November 14th–30th 2012
Dear Kumis, Jamal, Family Kumis School Team,
Thank you so much for this amazing two weeks. It has been an incredible memorable time. I feel myself almost ready to cry now, because it is time for me to leave.
And also I have to thank you for an amazing chance to share English in schools and meet this sweet, adorable children who were shy in the beginning and so talk active and open in the end.
Kumis, I hope so much that you will never, ever stop this wonderful program, and in this way, I will be able to come back. And, of course, you are always welcome in my home in Novosibirsk, Russia.
Hope to see you some time soon.
Take care,

Novosibirsk, Russia

Cassie DeFillipo


November 13rd–20th 2012
I had a really incredible time here. Not only did I get to meet and teach English to various groups of incredible students, but thanks to Kumis and Jamal I also got to eat all sorts of incredible Indonesian food, bike ride through gorgeous greenery, visit the botanical gardens and the floating village, and even attend a wedding. It was one of the most amazing weeks of my adventure, and I am beyond grateful for each and every second I spent here. Thank you so much to Kumis and family for being such great hosts!

Oregon, USA


Amy Hein


November 05th–15th 2012
Thank you so much for you and your family generosity you have shown for the past ten days has been an amazing experience. From quick visit to Yogyakarta and back, bike riding in rain, and visiting floating village. Also attending an Indonesian wedding as well. Thank you for being so patient while I was recovering from my jetlag from Canada. After two years old the road it has been great to end it with such an amazing experience. I will miss all schools I visited and kindness of all the English teachers from the schools. Also a huge thank you to your team in Kumis School, especially James. I will miss him telling me all about Sundanese and also the very intense UNO games.
Thank you

Adelaide, Australia


Alison Evin


October 22nd–30th 2012
I have never been good with saying good bye and this time will be even more difficult. I didn’t expect to have such a great time in Cianjur, BUT I did. And now I wish I didn’t have to leave. Kumis School – you are all my friends for LIFE. Thank you so much for all the good times even though we have language differences we are all the same and that is the most important part. I will never forget attending my first Indonesian wedding, good food, funny people, and endless games of UNO. When I return to Cianjur, I hope I can speak better Bahasa Indonesia, so you can tell me some jokes and teach me bad words. Keep in touch. Sorry, I did not sing a song, but “never mind I will find someone like you”!!!

British Columbia, Canada


Rebecca Francis


September 5th–17th 2012
To Kumis, Family, Jamal and The Kumis School Team.
Nuhun for opening your lives and your homes to me. Kumis – you are an inspiration. Your enthusiasm for teaching and your achievements in running the school and the homestay program are awesome inspiring. I have never felt so welcome or laughed so much.
Saya tidak akan lupa kalian. Saya berjanji akan kembali ke Cianjur.
Nuhun, nuhun, nuhun

Melbourne, Australia


August 9th – September 04th 2012
Nuhun, Terima Kasih, Thank You, Merci, Gracias, Tre Mahassi Oder Vielen Vielen Dank!,
For experiencing my first Ramadhan with my first day of fasting for all the delicious means, that names I always forgot. For all the students that I could visit. For the jam sessions at Kumis School. For the nice room, where I could stay in your house. For the beer in Ramadhan. For the adventurous cycling, trip to the local rice field. For the deep impressions and views of the Indonesian soul and heart. And a BIG NUHUN to your family. For the end I saved one of my favorite quotes:
“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it”.

Berlin, Germany

Lena Strand

July 19th – August 05th 2012
I stayed for 2,5 weeks in Cianjur and I have to say I will leave with lots of just great memories. Teaching in the school, visiting amazing places, meeting great people and even learn how to ride a motorbike. I really want to say thank you to Kumis for giving me the opportunity to experience all these things. It was great for me to go to all these different characters and minds and experience all the potential in these young people. The sightseeing was also very nice, volcanoes, mountains, rice fields, tea plantation, botanical garden, floating village. I have really seen gorgeous things, and it was always a lot of fun to drive there too for sure:)). I also really enjoyed having met your friends. It was lovely to get to know all of them and especially Entjin, Tessa, Jamal, Rivan and Yudi. I will always keep in a very very happy memory.
So again, thanks a thousand time for having me there. Please thank to your family making me feel like home for the time here. And many thanks for all the guys in Kumis School too for sharing so many good moments with me.
I will send you the pictures as soon as I get home and really hope our paths will cross again someday. I wish all the best for your future!!

Bern, Switzerland


Obi Matin


July 24th – August 03rd 2012
Dearest Kumis and Teams David!!!!!
This really was a special week for me. I really wanted to learn about Indonesia, teach English, work with a local community and also discuss education with Indonesian colleges. It really was sumptuous that I got to stay with David and be part of his reading room. All of his and during the month of Ramadan! I leave many friends in Cianjur. I will leave with lots of memories of the local children and their generosity.
Good luck with developing volunteerinjava and I look forward to hearing about the success of the program!
All the best

London, UK


Dave and Naomi Coggins


June 25th – July 03rd 2012
After 10 months travelling, we can safely say this past week has been the highlight of our trip!
The homestay/teaching experience we have had here is exactly the reason we came travelling – to meet the real people of Java and learn and share about our cultures whilst having tremendous fun at the same time. Few travelers get to experience this and we feel very privileged to have stayed with you and your family.
A special thanks to Jamal for taking us to his village and the tea plantation. He is a great tour guide and an expert in Bananas!! (who would have thought there were so many different kinds!!!)
The teams at Kumis School do an amazing job at teaching English and it was so much fun talking to the students. We have both been overwhelmed by your generosity, hospitality and kindness. You have made us feel very at home and we very much hope to have the opportunity to come back to see you all again in future.
We will be recommending this programme to all our friends! You are doing an excellent job. Thank you again to you, your family, your neighbors your teams and the students. It has been a fabulous week!!
Love from,

Nottingham, England

Barrie and Marieen Peters


June 18th – June 24th 2012
What can I say? Reading through the book everything has been said already! I love your enthusiasm, your energy and your dedication to get to your students one step ahead of others, probably more steps than one! The whole team at the schools are awesome especially “Gabriel”. We had such a good time with the students laughed and joked a lot. Thank you for your care. Thank you for looking after the old Aussie. The food was wonderful too! Marieen Peters, now we have an Indonesian family!
We have both had an amazing time! The idea of homestay in Java caught my imagination when I read about it in the lonelyplanet and the actual experience is even greater than I expected. The teaching opportunities were so many and valued and one of my highlights was the visit and Jamal’s village. He is a natural tour guide with a great knowledge of the countryside. I think the homestay/teaching concept is a great opportunity for foreigners to experience the real Java and I would recommend it to all travelers in Indonesia.

Brisbane, Australia


Jessica Zahra


June 03rd – June 10th 2012
Assalamualaikum Kumis,
Thank you so much for this amazing experience, the delicious food, the tours and the opportunity to get the real Indonesian country experience! Loved meeting the students and of course watching Germany play.
Keep in touch and all the best for your future. See you in Bali maybe!

Munich, Germany


Lynsey Thomson


June 03rd – June 10th 2012
Thank you so much for having us to stay in your home. It has been lovely to meet you and your family. We have been looked after so well and feel at home in your house. The visits to the school were great. I enjoyed meeting the students, they are all so lovely and a pleasure to talk to.
As we are only at the beginning of our travels in Indonesia. It has been so good to spend time with you and your friends to get an introduction to life in Indonesia and get a real feel for the culture and lifestyle. Thank you for all delicious meals. My diet starts tomorrow, hahaha!!
Good luck with your future career, you are doing a great job!
Keep in touch – Nuhun!

Dublin, Ireland

Julie Remp

April 23rrd – May 6th 2012
Wow! What an amazing week in Cianjur. I had an incredible time here. A huge thank you to Kumis, Jamal and Kumis’ Family for opening their lives to me. This week has been really rewarding. I have never felt more like a big celebrity in all my travels with the smiles and photos taken. I am so glad I got to come here to help with the schools, enjoy the local food, sightsee with Jamal and meet so many incredible people. This is a country full of friendly smiles. My favorite part was playing with and teaching the kids in the schools. They are too adorable!!! Also Kumis and Jamal’s generosity to show me around and give me new experience was priceless. Thank you for a memorable time Kumis. Good luck with your schools and “candidates”. Keep cycling always keep your great laugh!!!
I hope our paths will cross again!! Just go out and travel by yourself. If I can do it without speaking the language then you definitely can!! Plus everyone loves you right away, because of your happy, positive attitude.
I will recommend your program to others for sure! Thank you again.

Las Vegas, USA  




March 24th – April 5th 2012
Thank you for all your kindness and generosity. I had the most wonderful time while staying with you all in Cianjur. I feel very lucky to have met all the people I did in Cianjur and surrounding areas. I really loved going to the schools of course sightseeing and learning about Indonesian culture. I will definitely recommend your program to friends, family. Thanks you for everything. Good luck with all of your future plans.

Florida, USA

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