Volunteer in Java

The Volunteer Testimonials


Kyla Wells


May 06th –19th 2014

Dear Moustache!!!
I cannot thank you enough! This experience has gone above and beyond my expectations. The students are so bright and so kind and teaching in public schools has been a dream!! And to make my time even better I had the priviledge of your and your mother’s warm hospitality. Few people in the world have a heart as bis as you Kumis. you work hard and truly care about all your students and guests. And we all appreciate you. Thank you for all that you do. I will never forget when you slept on the floor beside me so you could look after me. I am foerever grateful for you and my amazing time here. Jaga diri baik-baik dan Terima kasih banyak!!  

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Sharon Morrone


May 17th – 24th 2014

Dear Kumis,
You have a big LOVE and share your warmth and enthusiasm with your visitors to make us feel special. This was my first ‘workaway’ placement and it was more like a vacation than work. I loved going to the schools to teach, because the students and teachers were so kind and welcoming. Teaching at school was fun because all the staff is CRAZY and fun!! Cianjur has the friendliest people I have met in SE Asia. Mama Yoyoy is such a sweet momma, and I appreciate her hospitality. Kumis, you do so much to bridge the cultural experiences and to show foreigners the true Java society. The week I spent here is one of my best times of my entire 8 months of travel.
This is not goodbye. We shall meet in Sydney at Christmas! Keep up the good work, but slow down a little, Kumis, you are working too hard.

Much respect and love,

Austin, Texas, USA

Sarah Remacle and Luca Melli


May 15th – 24th 2014

What is your secret? You are always happy, smiling, joking, laughing, you never seen out of energy. You are incredible!
For being a great guide! Cianjur, West Java has wonderful places. The ricefields, the floating village, the tea plantations, the picnic at Botanical garden was great. Thank you for showing us around.
For you hospitality! We love Mama Yoyoy and her food! Your home is the perpect place to meet both Indonesians and Bules (Westerners)! We could learn a lot about culture, your religion. It was so interesting to speak all together.
For bringing us to teach in the schools! What crazy experience! We felt like superstars! We are impressed by the respect students have for the teachers. And they are so smart!!!
For being like a family for us! All of you are so kind!! We felt welcome from the first day. We will miss you.
For being so open minded! You welcome everybody in your home and understand our culture. It musn’t be easy for you to do this everyday. We wish you all the best!!!! Hope to see you again in Sydney, maybe!!!

Belgium and Italy

Chris and Clay


May 21st – June 02nd 2014

Dearest Kumis!
What can I say about you? First off, I will say you have such a great thing going here. You not only provide a comfortable home to your guests, but a very memorable, meaningful and special experience. I felt more like a friend than a volunteer. Not only do you provide this experience for the guests, but an amazing opportunity for the students. You, Mama Yoyoy, became my own little family for two weeks. The time has gone by way too fast! I want to give a special thanks for helping take care of me when I became sick. You and the Interlingua tea were so understanding and took special care to make sure I could recover quickly. I cannot thank you enough! Even getting me special meals and ginger tea!
What I enjoyed most was living in your cute, little village, riding motor bikes everywhere, the beautiful botanic gardens, and of course hanging out with the awesome teachers at local English school. Also, the students huge smiles when I would make a fool of myself. I also loved the public schools where I got to learn traditional dance and hear beautiful music. Oh yeah, and the high school graduation was amazing! And of course the cutest children I have never seen playing marbles an on your porch and yelling BULE, BULE!! So, basically I loved EVERYTHING!!!!
So, thank you so much Kumis for inviting us into your home and doing what you do! You are kind respectful, and very charismatic! You have a positive, playful attitude and do the best little dance and laughs! You are king of BULE! Thanks again!

Houston, Texas


Carly Reagan


May 27th – June 03rd 2014

Dear Kumis,
I am so glad I have had the chance to meet you and to learn about what you do for the kids and families in Cianjur. I am sorry I could not stay longer-perhaps someday I will come back to Indonesia after I am refreshed and not so homesick after travelling for so long. J
I will never forget falling into the rice paddies on my first day (haha!), learning traditional dance with the boys at Interlingua, eating lots of delicious sticky Martabak (!), or seeing the beautiful smiling faces of the children in their classrooms as they practiced their English or sang songs with me.
I wish you and the team all the best and lots of fun in the future!

Thanks so much,
Boston, MA, USA


Will & Bryony


August 12th – 24th 2014

Dear Kumis/Del Boy
Bryony and I have had a wonderful 2 weeks with you here in Cianjur! You have been so accommodating to us both and we have loved every minute of it. Working in the schools has been so much fun and it feels like us and all the guys there, Indri, John, Jamal, etc have become a big volunteer in java family – one that will be sorely missed.
Cianjur is a great city and all the people, food and atmosphere have been amazing! We both feel we have experienced the real Indonesia here. We hope we helped the kids learn some more English – keep up the good work as it’s making a really positive difference.
Thank you for letting us see your life – I hope we helped

Newcastle and London, UK

PS. Don’t be a plonker, Del Boy



August 13th – 25th 2014

Hei Kumis,
Thanks for having me here. It was really nice to see different schools and be a part of day to day life here. I had a great time in a local English school. It was so much fun spending time there.
Say thanks to your Mom for cooking to us and doing laundry and thanks for the guys for giving us ride all the time.
It’s gonna be weird not to hear every morning the neighborhood children yelling BULE and giving high fives.


Helen Cooper


August 10th – 31st 2014

You are such a unique and fun character – THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything over the last few weeks, it has been a great experience and one I will never forget.
I have really enjoyed visiting the different schools everyday and seeing the happy and excited faces of all the students. I also had so much fun getting to know the amazing team at local English school. It really is such a joy to spend time with them, and hopefully help in some small way with their fantastic work teaching English to young people in Cianjur. The team are all so kind and generous and I know they are having a positive impact on their students.
Thank you also for making sure I got to experience the “real” Indonesia. Trying all the delicious food, cycling around the rice fields, seeing the tea plantations and visiting the botanical gardens have been just a few of the highlights that have made my stay here so much fun.
Thank you again for all you have done, I will always remember your jokes and our games of Indonesian poker at the milk bar! I will miss it here a lot, but I take some very happy memories with me.
Much love, Helen (England)

PS. Come and visit London – you plonker!!

Rebecca Lamers


August 25th – September 06th 2014

Was geht ab, Kumis?
A lot of is going on in Cianjur!
I enjoyed a lot of activities you offered Helen, Ross and me as your guests. What I especially appreciate is that you went to Gunung Padang, the floating village and the botanical garden with me even I was your only guest for quite a few days. Thanks for making me laugh about all the “bule-shouts” – this way it even got fun. I wish I could have talked to your mum much more. Tell her “thank you”, too – it has been nice to stay at your house with her as a very friendly and welcoming person.
The volunteer in Java team, all the students and your colleges I met just rock – it was a great experience to get to know so many nice Indonesians.

Take care! And if you ever come to Germany, let me know!


Rebecca and Steve


September 08th – 17th 2014

Hey Kumis,
Thank you for this opportunity to experience Cianjur “the local way” and the amazing schools, children and teachers. We had such a great time teaching the kids English and helping the lovely welcoming teachers. I hope they won’t forget us, because we certainty won’t forget them all!!
Thanks so much for the awesome bike rides around Cianjur and the ricefields. It was so funny when other fell into the rice paddies, hahahaha!!!!
Please tell your sweet mother “thank you for having us”. Today, at the botanical gardens, with all the 17 year old tourism students, was the best day we have had in Indonesia. They were all so knowledgeable about the gardens and Indonesia, enthusiastic, happy, kind, full of energy and thankful to us. I hope they all continue to have these opportunities.
Lastly, thanks for having us, entertaining us and putting up with us when we were a little annoying. I hope you find some time for yourself very soon, because I think you need it and definitely deserve some time out for Kumis.
P.S I made some really great friends here – westerners and Indonesians.
Peace, love and branch rice.


Becca Sue Duvarney


September 08th – 17th 2014

I’m so greatful I found this program! It really warmed my heart to be able to help the children with their English. Their enthusiasm was so cute and I really think they can use the skill of speaking English to do amazing things.
Then to top it all off we were able to do so much sightseeing! Rice fields, tea plantatios, floating village, volcano! All these beautiful things I will never forget. Even if I am sore for days after so much cycling! I loved every second of it!
The people in Cianjur are seriously amazing. It was wonderful to connect with people of a different culture so deeply. Your Mom is just the sweetest. It tickles me! Hug her for me and say thanks. Sending you all the best and wishing you some inner peace. Do you? And, Hakuna Matata.

California, The US


Chantal Cornet


September 22nd – October 06th 2014

Dear Kumis,
Thank you so much for all the trips you organised for me, despite the fact that you were ill. The first week was a little difficult for me, because of the abnormal heat, but I still enjoyed the ride along the rice fields upto the brown sugar factory, the walking around, the tour to the volcano and swim in the hot swimming pool, the hitchhiking with the French girls (on a truck) to the floating village. Teaching children in different local schools was great (even I was not 100%, because of the flu I got on the second week). the students and teachers in Interlingua are great and you are doing a huge job here! (with the help of your mum, John, Apih, …). Children in Cianjur owe you a lot and so do the volunteers, because you offer us opportunity to meet locals, to live with locals, teach local children and to try yummy different local dishes. All this requires a lot of energy and time. A special thanks also for taking me to Yoga class 3 times a week! I miss all the best for your future life J
Take care


Peter Stedeford


October 06th – 29th 2014

Dear Kumis,
Thanks for a great time here in Cianjur! I am so sorry this last week was basically a write-off, but It’s been wonderful all the same!
Thanks for organizing so much for me to do. The English teaching has been fun and seeing inside Indonesian schools and universities especially interesting.
And the day trips – the tea plantations, the sugar factory, the sawah, the car-free day, the floating village, all were unforgettable!
Best of luck with the future, however you decide to continue with this programme. I wish you all the best and do not forget to take some time for yourself.

London, England

Sarah Thomas


November 01st – 14th 2014

Thank you so much for everything. This experience was unlike anything else that I have ever done! I loved going to the schools so much and taking “selfies” with the kids. I also enjoyed all of the activities, even cycling. I am so sad to miss the volcano twice, but that just means I will have to come back again!
I am so sorry about my sickness, but you have been so nice to me anyway. Tell your mom thank you for all the TEMPE!!!!
I will see you soon, either back here or in Thailand! Hopefully you with wife!!

Charlotte, North Carolina


Trent Matthews


November 24th – December 12th 2014

Dear Kumis,
Staying with you in Cianjur has been one of my best travel experiences. I am truly grateful to you, Mama, and all of your friends and family who have been so kind to me and helped me when I was sick. I really enjoyed teaching and thanks to you. It is something I will pursue further. Keep living the way you are, with good spirit, happiness and enthusiasm. You are truly a great man, surrounded by an amazing community. Thank you so much, and I have definitely see you again.

Perth, Australia
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