Volunteer in Java

Things To Do

Visiting the Villages

Agriculture is Cianjur's primary business and the vast terrains of terraced rice plantations are always teeming with workers, planting, harvesting the crops or ploughing the land using water-buffalo tractors. Our guests have the opportunity to visit the rice fields and learn about the process- you can even join them for a few hours work in the fields if you want! A walk through the steep and slippery rice plantations offers unbeatable views and a real glimpse into traditional rural lifestyles. Eat in a local home and watch your lunch being cooked on traditional fire-wood stoves.

After a hard days work, we'll drop you at the non-touristy hot springs spot. Not many people know this hot springs attraction, even local people. This hot springs is private rooms and good for some hard earned relaxation! Hot water flows into a bathroom and you can soak down where the hot and cold waters mingle.
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