Volunteer in Java

The Teams

  Irwan Kumis, who is fluent in English, has been teaching primary school English for 9 years, as well as working for several years as a guide for Western travellers. He used to work for a German NGO, Forder-und Interessengemeinschaft, as a volunteer in post-Tsunami Reconstruction and Development on Sabang–Weh Island–Aceh for 1 year. He studied Economic in a university in Cianjur. He spends a great deal of his free time working and socializing with westerners.
  Indri Indriyati, is a charming and easy going girl. She is an English teacher in one of Cianjur hospitality school. She has been teaching English for a few years. She also speaks French and she has traveled to Java, Bali, Lombok, and Malaysia.
  Jamal Hammadi, is a talanted and young English teacher who has been working for several years as a guide for Western travellers. He is so excited and passionate to introduce sightsees in the surrounding areas. He is learning German and French at the moment. One of his dream is traveling around the world.
  Ade Setiawan, is a university student in Cianjur. He has an American nick name "Jhon". He lives nearby the homestay and he is a cool man. He has plenty of time to guide and look after the volunteers. He did an Indonesian backpacking cross to Bali by hitchhiking.
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